Carole Robinson trained in Fine Art specialising in Printmaking. It is in these mediums her process is more immediate, intuitive and biographical.

Colourful, contradictory, charismatic
Carole Robinson’s mixed media work is full of colour, contradiction and charisma. She often works in response to anthropological, environmental and animalistic themes, creating works that have an immediate sensory impact in its aesthetic form, but which offer hidden, internal landscapes.

Fluid, controlled, stimulating
In her decorative glass work, Carole’s colour is opulent and contagious often reinventing the symbolism and narrative of medieval stained glass.  She is a highly skilled craftsperson and her work is renowned across the country. In Kinghorn Glass Studio she delivered workshops for over 18 years, now as a freelance tutor she travels and delivers inspiring and design based community sessions.

‘Glass is versatile, vibrant, dangerous and unpredictable. It’s both a solid and a liquid and can be controlled in the creative process. Pattern is fundamental, it has a therapeutic energy and symmetry – a defence mechanism against trauma. People like working with pattern and glass because it allows them take control in a creative environment. There is an interesting balance that comes into play’

Ancient and ornate
Carole’s work often includes ancient and ornate elements, with which she is intuitive and instructional. She travels extensively and her painting is often site responsive reflecting the world in the moment she sees it. Often it is from an outsider’s viewpoint and a reaction to the chaos in a changing socio-political climate and environment. Her art work is a personal response that offers hope, beauty and balance.

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